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ADDis an abbreviation for addition power. This determines the reading correction required for the contacts. In a few prescription ADD power will be mention plus in some reading prescription will change.

OD can be an abbreviation for oculus dexter, Latin for right attention

OS is definitely an abbreviation for oculus sinister, Latin for left eye

PD is definitely an abbreviation for papillary distance. PD is the distance between your two students.

Below is an exemplory case of a prescription:


OD (Right) -1.00 0.25 150 2.25

OS (Left) +125 Dsph 2.25 2.25

PD 65 OD: 32 OS: 33

If you notice all the values includes a + or - sign in front of this value. This sign is very important while processing the lenses therefore it is important it appears that you enter the correct value according to what. Eyeglasses prescription is calculated in diopter which is a multiple of 0.25 and is constantly in 2 decimal points except axis value which will be in levels which doesn't always have a decimal point.